This program is for those who are:

  • currently working in human resources management in local and foreign enterprises
  • wishing to internationalize their capacity in human resource management aligned with global standards
  • able to read and understand learning documents in English.
  • The program will be delivered in Vietnamese or English (with interpretation).
  • Learning materials and reference books: 100% in English.

  • Length: 9 days (equivalent to 18 sessions, 3 hours per session). This time does not include self-study of participants.
  • Schedule: designed with working professionals in mind, the program is delivered in 3 days per week (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) every other week. The program usually lasts for about 1.5 months.

  • The program instructors are experts in human resource management with global experience and local insights. They have obtained SHRM-SCP certification and certified by SHRM and PACE to deliver the program in Vietnam.

For participants:
  • To understand the HR career and career standards for the HR professionals.
  • To understand the competency standards and adding more HR knowledge to the HR team.
  • To know how to fulfill human resource responsibilities and contribute to building a high-performing human resource management system.
  • To gain access to SHRM's learning materials (a full set of 5 books), and SHRM Learning System® integrated on SHRM's global network.
  • Trained by experienced instructors who have been certified by SHRM.
  • To have the opportunity to share, reflect, and learn with other colleagues.
To employers:
  • To build human resources strategy, and operate a more standardized and effective human resource management system.
  • To manage and develop human resources more successfully to execute the organizational strategy and contribute to the sustainable development of the business.
  • To contribute to building a high-standard working environment and turn the business into a desired workplace that creates a competitive advantage in the labor market.
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