This week I received an interesting question regarding how we can encourage more job candidates to apply with our company.

Competition for top talent is fierce. Forward-thinking companies are stepping up their game to create an excellent candidate experience.  Have you looked at your candidate experience from a job applicant’s perspective?  Do you make it easy to apply for a job with your company?  Do you follow up with everyone who applies? 
You only get one chance to make a great first impression with applicants--make it count. (Photo:

I had a not-so-great interview experience a few years ago. A company I interviewed at did not communicate with me for an entire month after my interview. It changed my perception of the company and had I known they considered me to be one of the top candidates, I may have accepted an offer from them. I ended up accepting a job with a company that continuously communicated with me during every step of the hiring process. They also made it a point to talk about “what’s in it for me” and how I would benefit from working at their organization. They understood it was a two-way street; I was evaluating them just as much as they were evaluating me.  The company’s use of the latest technology made applying quick and efficient and valued my feedback about my experience as an applicant before I even got a job offer. 

Organizations that treat candidates like VIPs have a competitive advantage in recruiting. Word gets out.  Even if a person is not selected, they may still refer others to your organization. A positive experience and respectful treatment during the interview process could certainly lead a person to continue to be interested in working for you and apply for future job opportunities.  

You only get one chance to make a great first impression with applicants--make it count. Ask yourself if you can afford not to have great candidate experience.

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