PACE & SHRM Vietnam officially launches Live Learning - a direct learning model with many benefits.

The Cost of Retaining Workplace Liar & How to Spot One

A global survey by Kronos, for example, found that as many as 58 percent of employees call in sick on days they want to watch or attend a sports event.

4 Reasons Employees Work Overtime & How HR Can Help

It is important for employers to understand why employees often work overtime to cut the negative impact of overtime work, thus, creating work culture that is healthy for both employer and employees.

The 4 Reasons Why HR Officers Could be Fired

Human Resources officers are responsible to prevent internal conflicts between employees in an organisation. But what if the HR officers themselves have a problem with employees and treat them wrong?

Why Hiring Is a Lot Like Picking Stocks

Hiring people is a lot like picking stocks. It's all about the narrative. We begin by asking "what kind of stock is this?"

How to Tell Who’s a Good Fit and Who Is Just a Good Interviewer

Someone confident and charming who seems great on paper might not actually have applicable skills they need for the position.

What TO DO When Employees Don’t Desire Development

While employees and new talents are interested in working their way out to be an A-player in your organisation, some are just looking for job security and comfort in their B-team.

The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

Knowing which how to leverage what makes your members distinct can lead to a better chance of achieving long-term successful outcomes for your team.

Bystander Effect: Is This Why Employees Don’t Speak Up

Bystander effect refers to an element of social psychology where individuals are less likely to help a victim of unethical behaviour or crime when other people are present.


Mindfulness has become a popular key to decrease stress and improve work-life balance. It is widely used by organisations to help their employees stay engaged and productive in the workplace. Needless to say, many researches also suggested bringing this advertency in order to make staff more alert, belonged, and connected to their job.