In the context of a increasing knowledge economy and a breakthrough 4.0 technology revolution, the human resources industry is facing global enormous challenges. One of the challenges is all information about companies will be easier to access, for that reason, building an organization's brand image becomes an extremely important task for HR professionals.

The most effective communication method for businesses today is implementing the "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) program, it is also one of the trends of many major corporations.

This is a matter of concern and discussion among HR experts during the HR Seminar International Human Resource Management which was co-organized by PACE Institute of Management and SHRM at Vietnam on January 9, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City.


With the companion of Mr. Vu Duc Tri The - Solution Director of PACE Institute of Management and representative of SHRM in Vietnam, the HR seminar mentioned the ways to implement CSR program effectively for businesses.

First of all, CSR means corporate social responsibility, which is one of the important criteria for assessing enterprises and the commitment of the enterprises to business ethics as well as contributing to economic development economic and sustainable environment for localities in particular, society in general. CSR is also integrated into corporate strategy and becoming a compulsory condition for enterprises to exist and develop in order to bring practical benefits to society.

CSR brings a lot of great impacts to the development of enterprises including building brand image, building reputation and increasing competitive advantage in the recruitment market in particular and the business market in general.

The effective way of CSR is not only some charitable activities, but also the implementation of good policies for employees to promote company image. Benefits and policies are one of the important reasons for employees to choose a workplace or a job. Therefore, the open policy is the premise for both sides to develop quickly to attract candidates and create long-term engagement with employees. In the context of social network development and diverse communication channels with a great influence, each employee's share of their business is an effective "soft" way of communication for businesses.

In order to implement the best CSR, HR professionals need to add the necessary competency groups in the currently 4.0 technology development context. HR professionals not only need traditional behavioral and professional competencies but also supplement organizational capacity and operating environment in the new context such as Technology management; Diversity and inclusion; HR in the global context, ...


Since then, Mr. Vu Duc Tri The also clarified the important role of IHRM program - a training program exclusively for HR professionals implemented by PACE and SHRM Vietnam together with information about the world-class SHRM-CP / SCP certificate for those who are active in Human Resources worldwide.

IHRM program will continue to be opened on March 14, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City and March 21, 2019 in Hanoi. Please see more details about the program and register here.

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