Today, more and more enterprises recognize the importance of diversity in the workforce including the difference of gender, age, regional culture, ... This is one of currently HR trends and challenges for HR professionals in building a diverse team and finding ways to fuse the most effective differences.

Developing human resource diversity is also a sustainable development direction for engaging employees and expanding the source of searching for more diverse candidates. Understanding this, PACE Institute of Management and SHRM in Vietnam coordinated to organize the "SHRM Café" event on 11 January, 2019 in Hanoi with the participation of many HR professionals from many corporations and company.


The event was led by Mr. Dinh Viet Lan - Solution Specialist of PACE Institute of Management, one of the first Vietnamese who received the SHRM Certificate and was trained by SHRM to become an official lecturer of the SHRM Certification Training Program in Vietnam. In addition, SHRM Café also has the participation of Ms. Nguyen Thuy Ha - HRM at UNDP.

The invited guests discussed and contributed with the speakers and summarized the perspectives on diversity. It can be seen that the benefits from abundant human resources with many different characteristics which have a great impact on the development and success not only for the HR department but also for the whole Enterprise.

A diverse team will brings a wide range of views, experiences and solutions; they can argue with each other to find the best way to deal a problem; employees have the opportunity to learn from other members and acquire new perspectives.

More than contributing the efficiency in the way of working, the diverse workforce also helps branding image of employers which become more prestigious, creates sympathy and builds long-term commitment from employees when they were a candidate.

The diversity workforce also brings confidence to employees with a sense of respect and acceptance from the organization, their performance will be improved. This is a success for both employees and businesses.


However, HR professionals also face many challenges that need some processes can be lengthened from 3 to 5 years to deploy diversity and create synergy for a diverse community.

Speakers and attendees shared some effective methods such as building tools and training for supporting as cognitive transformation steps when faced with diversity and eliminating barriers mentality. For example, organizing training sessions to exchange knowledge and learn more about different regional cultures, or programs to let different generations of employees can understand each other well.

Moreover, recruitment is one of the most important tools in the process of building diversity in human resources, including seeking diverse sources of candidates, helping them to integrate with organizational culture to engage for a longer time.

At the end of the event, attendees had more useful knowledge to apply in daily tasks. The event "SHRM Café" has received the attention and positive response of attendees and will continue to become a place to connect HR professionals in Vietnam.


The International Human Resource Management (IHRM) program is based on the SHRM BoCKTM. It is the SHRM’s world-class program which is exclusively delivered by PACE Institute of Management in Vietnam. IHRM program will continue to be opened on March 14, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City and March 21, 2019 in Hanoi. Please see more details about the program and register here.

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