In times of unpredictable fluctuations and the market is increasingly competitive, every enterprises needs appropriate changes to occupy a pioneering position and increase the chances of leading the market. Therefore, enterprises need to have effective methods and tools for "Change Management".

Understand this, PACE Institute of Management and SHRM in Vietnam organized a SHRM Café event on May 22, 2019, with the participation of many HR professionals from many corporations and businesses to discuss the above topic together.

The event was led by Ms. Tong Nhi Ha – HR Director of New World Saigon Hotel, participants discussed and shared the definition of “Change Management”, why enterprises need to do well in “Change Management”, and the role of the Human Resources Department in “Change Management”, as well as practical experiences in enterprises.

When discussed the definition of “Change”, there were a lot of ideas, focused on two aspects outside and inside the enterprises, included markets, trends, economic policies, management structure, enterprises strategy, development orientation. Based on that, Ms. Nhi Ha came to the conclusion of the change management process that needs consensus, support from Senior leaders, consistency in communication, and deployment to lower levels and deployment to lower levels.

Why do enterprises need to do well in “Change Management”?

For participants, some benefits of “Change Management” will help bring increase profits, help employees grow, become effective and performance, attract talent…

HR Department can show its role in “Change Management” by becoming an example to increase persuasion and attract other individuals in enterprises; Employees also need to understand the insights of employees to support in the process of changing enterprises.


To finalize the experience exchange, the speaker shared about the process of "Change Management":

First of all, there needs to be concern, response from upper level to lower level. Secondly, enterprises select a key personnel to lead, promote and pioneer in making changes. In addition, in order to become more efficient, recognition and reward for typical individuals is necessary. Finally, the change management process needs to be maintained regularly by keeping fire and monitoring, measuring the efficiency of this process.

SHRM in Vietnam hopes HR experts will have more useful knowledge and lessons to be able to apply in their daily work after this activity and connection.


The event "SHRM Café" has received the attention and positive response of attendees and will continue to become a place to connect HR professionals in Vietnam.

With its long history and stature of influence, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has always played a key role in establishing professional standards and shaping the future of global employment profession during a decades. PACE Institute of Management is the exclusively partner of SHRM in Vietnam.

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