In today’s business landscape, business leaders and entrepreneurs are facing increasing integration and globalization coupled with the knowledge-based economy, the digital revolution and the fourth industrial revolution. Many organizations are experiencing unprecedented competition, unpredictable change and uncertainty around the world. HR evolves to meet business needs. In that context, the role of HR also needs to be redefined in order to contribute to the business development and the HR profession to a higher level. Increasingly, business leaders understand that effective people management is a strategic imperative. As a result, employers expect HR professionals to demonstrate, in addition to a thorough knowledge of HR concepts and requirements, the behavioral competencies required to effectively apply that knowledge in the modern workplace in support of organizational goals.

Today’s HR executives are no longer expected to perform basic human resource functions but also to undertake more important leadership roles to contribute more to the strategic direction and development of their organizations. A number of pressing issues in the new context are set for today's HR professionals such as: How to retain and treat talented people? How to develop a succession management team meeting the requirements of development and integration? How to build a corporate culture that is likely to attract talented people to participate in and make long term contribution to the business?

Human resource is therefore the key to improving efficiency as well as creating competitive advantage in the organization. High-performing HR executives need thorough knowledge, effective methods and tools that are relevant to Vietnam’s context and aligned with global standards.


To address the needs of Vietnam’s HR professionals, PACE is offering SHRM’s world-class program based on SHRM BASK, the highly-regarded global HR standard: International Human Resource Management (IHRM).

The purpose of IHRM Program is to internationalize the human resource management capabilities of HR professionals in Vietnam.
The purpose of IHRM Program:
is to internationalize the human resource management capabilities of HR professionals in Vietnam.

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