On 22/08/2023, PACE Institute of Management in collaboration with SHRM successfully organized a seminar with the topic "L&D SEMINAR: BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE L&D STRATEGY IN 2024" in Ho Chi Minh City.    

With the participation of leading HR experts, the workshop provided answers to many of the challenges posed to the L&D department at a time of rapid change in the recruitment and training market today. The workshop created great awareness when it was attended by a large number of HR and L&D communities.  

1. Redefining the story of human resources, talent & training in a new context

At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Gian Tu Trung – Founder of PACE Institute of Management shared about the context of economic, cultural, and social fluctuations. He said that volatility is happening every day, so leaders and businesses need to have a strong mentality through constantly touching values that transcend space and time. 

Investing in the "learning" of the team and promoting a learning culture in the business is the solution to upgrade their team, there are countless businesses that understand the importance of L&D strategy but do not know how to plan and implement it effectively.

To have an effective strategy, it is necessary to redefine the roles and competencies of L&D professionals, including all levels from company leaders, human resource leaders and L&D leaders. Leadership capacity is the core factor to successfully implement L&D strategies. 

2.    What is the standard competency framework of HR Professionals?

In addition, Dr. Gian Tu Trung introduced the SHRM framework (SHRM BASK) to the HR community and the L&D community. This is the HR Professional Framework according to global standards developed by SHRM.  

SHRM sets the benchmark and shapes the future of global commerce,  and 
it has spent years researching globally the competency framework for the HR profession  

In addition to HR skills and expertise, he emphasized that Leadership, Management, Business and Cultural competencies are the essential skills of HR people need to equip today. This is also the core framework for the successful implementation of L&D strategy in the new context. 

Organizers build L&D Strategies based on PACE Competency Framework Model

Ms. Vo Thi Thu Trang – Human Resource Management Expert, Lecturer of PACE Institute of Management has added new perspectives on recruitment and team development skills that HR people need to focus on. In addition to the information and skills mentioned on the CV, employers need to know deeply about the personality, how to handle difficult situations in the candidate's work.

A deep understanding of the value of the team's people will help HR recruit the right position, assign the right job and have the right development roadmap for their team. This simultaneously minimizes risks as well as recruitment and development costs of businesses. 

In addition, she said that the trend of Human Resources Services is on the rise, bringing competitive risks to internal personnel and also providing opportunities for HR people to upgrade themselves.


3.    Expert perspective on L&D strategy for 2024

Following the program, Ms. Ngê Thi Tuyet Trang – Senior HR Consultant and Trainer, PACE Management Vietnamese Lecturer and experts also shared L&D trends in the near future, clarifying what is an effective L&D strategy, and suggest 7 steps to build an effective L&D strategy. 

At the same time, she pointed out the factors that make an effective L&D strategy for the new future context. 
About the strategy: 

  • The personnel development strategy must be oriented to the effective business goals of the enterprise.
  • HR leaders must strike a balance between managing spending, securing talent, and accelerating growth.
  • It is necessary to combine human factors and technology to make processes simpler, faster and more economical, while giving
  • HR people more time to focus on activities that add business value
  • HR people need to diversify their knowledge and skills in many industries.
  • Create a learning and cultural environment for the team to keep up with necessary transformations and business goals.

About capacity:
Besides the top seven competencies, experts emphasize that leadership is the top skill that HR and L&D people need to equip. 

4.    Space to share L&D strategy challenges and solutions 

In the exchange and sharing with experts, many questions and challenges of HR people were raised. In particular, the concern about retaining talents, creating an ideal and effective working environment in terms of training has become a topic of concern for many human resources. 
Talking with leading industry experts, attendees had access to leading training solutions from PACE's global partners.


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