Human Resource are constantly changing and developing, requires HR professional to update and apply the latest trend on work life. However, it is just easy in theory, but not reality. Since there has various manners of dealing with issues in each organization and its culture.

Therefore, if HR community have the opportunity to discuss and share our HR stories of reality in the Vietnam HR market, HR professional will have new lessons and perspective to enhance workplace performance.

That is the reason for the event “HR Café with SHRM” organized by PACE and SHRM Vietnam on August 16th , 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City. This event aimed to create connection in HR Community, provide opportunity to share and exchange experience as well as learn from each other.

The event was led by Mr. Dinh Ngoc Han – Representative of SHRM Vietnam and Ms. Tong Thi Nhi Ha – Human Resource Director of New World Hotel with open and enthusiastic participants. In the beginning, all of attendees introduced themselves including their company, field of business currently and expectation of connecting HR Community in Vietnam.
Attendees discussed some topics related HR problems such as the latest trend of recruitment, management generation gap and experience of dealing HR reality situation. In addition, participants also share their perspective to find the measure of HR professional success towards the knowledge of using digital technology in the workplace. They had the time for chatting, sharing, exchanging and connecting with each other in HR.

“HR Café with SHRM” event has received the positive response from a large HR professional and can become a popular event to connect the HR Community in Vietnam.

The International Human Resource Management (IHRM) program is based on the SHRM BoCKTM. It is the SHRM’s world-class program which is exclusively delivered by PACE Institute of Management in Vietnam.