At PACE, we know that HR is at the core of every organization and as the global business environment changes, HR teams must adapt. In order to function effectively, HR teams must have the competencies and knowledge to interpret, address, and meet organizational priorities.

With the desire to further strengthen the internationalization of human resource management as well as human resource training and development standards in Vietnam, in 2015, PACE signed the partnership agreement to be the only authorized partner of SHRM to implement SHRM's world-class human resource training and development programs in Vietnam.

The International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is offered to Vietnamese HR professionals based on the SHRM Competency Model® and SHRM-BoCKTM to help the HR executives empower themselves with the latest knowledge as well as relevant tools and methods of human resource management aligned with international standards.

Below is a list of SHRM education programs that PACE is delivering:
And many other education programs that help learners gain SHRM’s PDCs (Professional Development Credits) for recertification process, include:
1. "Chief Human Resources Officer" (CHRO) Training Program
2. Corporate Cuture Training Program
3. Managing People Training Program
4. Motivation Skills Training Program
5. Effective Training and Coaching Skills Training Program
6. Effective Assignment and Delegation Skills Training Program
7. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills Training Program
8. Leadership Development Training Program, a subject in CEO Program
9. Strategic Management Training Program , a subject in CEO Program
10. Sucessful Negotiation Training Program
11. Presentation and Meeting Skills Training Program
12. Interviewing Skills Training Program
13. Effective Communication Skills Training Program

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