In order to expand the opportunity to access international knowledge standards of Human Resource Management to HR executives nationwide, as well as to improve learning experience during the epidemic season, from May 2020, PACE & SHRM Vietnam officially launches Live Learning - a direct learning model with many benefits for the IHRM program.

The IHRM program is designed with 18 months of online learning with SHRM Learning System and 18 training sessions with lecturers. Now, for 18 training sessions with the lecturers, students will have 2 options: come to class or learn via LiveLearning.



Live Learning - a direct learning model with many benefits

By choosing LiveLearning, IHRM students will have the following benefits:

1. Interact directly with lecturers and peers at home

The advantage of LiveLearning over Online learning is that it is a multi-dimensional interaction between lecturers and students, even though they only sit at home. Real-time, interactive interactions help students ensure the quality of knowledge acquisition.

2. Ensure connection/ net-working quality and vitality of the classroom

The app experience does not reduce the vitality of the classroom or cause inconvenience to the networking process. LiveLearning ensures a lively learning environment, where all the experiences that students expect for a standard and effective training program.

3. Saving travel and accommodation cost

LiveLearning students also save time compared to traditional learning format. The inconvenience in traveling, accommodation of remote students is also solved by the LiveLearning format.

4. No longer geographical inconvenience

With LiveLearning, students living anywhere can become a Human Resource expert with global knowledge and skills standards. Now the opportunity is not just for students in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, but for anyone who has the desire to standardize their knowledge and skills.

5. Safety for yourself during the epidemic season

LiveLearning is also a safe choice in the situation of disease. In response to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health on restricting travel and contacting the community during the epidemic, LiveLearning both addresses the students' learning and personal development needs, while ensuring the safety of students and their family.


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