In the context of booming in the Industrial evolution 4.0, HR are strongly and quickly changed. That is completely changing the way people communicate, the way of operating and managing human resources in enterprises must also adapt.
HR in 4.0 need to integrate more skills, in addition to seeking talent, learn how to keep talented people, how to plan human resources in accordance with the business orientation as well as the company's culture; As a human resource, should think according to the business model, also achieve the business objectives set by the company.
In addition, the trend of globalization in the context of technological revolution has accelerated the internationalization of the HR level more and more urgent. HR should increase all areas in the context of globalization, which requires the development of knowledge, listening and understanding to meet the needs of the organization.


Accompanying HR Professionals with internationalizing human resource management in Vietnam, PACE Institute of Management and SHRM Vietnam held a seminar on the International HR Seminar on May 16 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of many HR Professionals from various businesses and sectors.
The seminar took place with Mr. Dinh Viet Lan - Solution Specialist of PACE Institute of Management, he is one of the first Vietnamese who received the SHRM Certificate and was also trained by SHRM to become an official lecturer of the SHRM Certification Training Program in Vietnam, The seminar brought new solutions and orientations for HR professionals. One of the best solutions is to develop global capacity groups in the context of globalization today.
HR industry have to perform many roles: do administrative work, conduct daily tasks related to personnel issues, corporate strategy engagement and personnel strategy. To adapt to the challenge of working, HR needs to accumulate more skills.
According to the SHRM Competency Model, HR professionals not only need traditional behavioral and professional competencies but also supplement organizational capacity and operating environment in the new context such as Technology management; Diversity and inclusion; HR in the global context, ...
This is the competency model SHRM which has built by conducting a comprehensive study with the participation of thousands of HR professionals around the world. Clearly, if HR professionals want to bring about the ability of general development impact for the entire workforce of the organization, they need to know how new ways of working as well as changing the way of interacting in the 4.0 era.
Since then, Mr. Dinh Viet Lan also clarified the important role of IHRM program - a training program exclusively for HR professionals implemented by PACE and SHRM Vietnam together with information about the world-class SHRM-CP / SCP certificate for those who are active in Human Resources worldwide.
IHRM program will continue to be opened on September 19, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City and September 26, 2019 in Hanoi. Please see more details about the program and register here.