Millennials or Y Generation are considered to be born between 1980 and 1996, they will also become the current major workforce. The most effective way for adjusting HR strategy and development organization is understand Millennials clearly from characteristics, work motivations to key factors which take impact of choosing job and engaging with their organization.

That also is the reason for the topic “human resources solution for millennials” at the "SHRM Café" event which was organized by PACE  Institute of Management and SHRM Vietnam on November 21, 2018 for the first time in Hanoi, with the participation of HR experts from corporations and many domestic enterprises.

The SHRM Café guidance is Mr. Dinh Viet Lan - Solution Specialist of PACE Institute of Management, one of the first Vietnamese who received the SHRM Certificate and was also trained by SHRM to become an official lecturer of the SHRM Certification Training Program in Vietnam. The another one is Do Thi Thu Tra - Talent Acquisition Manager of FPT Software.


Millennials is a generation with many differences from previous generations such as work-life balance, healthier lifestyle and getting more information about the company, products and business practices. They excel in a fast-paced world that requires a moving lifestyle. They value, even require connectivity, convenience, and options that allow them to control and manage their own jobs.

These characteristics will have an important influence and control the way Millennials think, live and work. HR professionals should focus on these core different values ​​to create appropriate solutions to attract talent and engage Millennials employees.

SHRM Café had ​​drawn up a number of personnel methods for Millennials. Online communication channels will be an new effective recruitment trend as the Millennials has many activities regularly on these technology platforms. This is the period for innovation of the HR Thought that recruiting is not only a simple posting on the website but also using communication and advertising elements with stories, sharing company culture to make candidates want to engage in long-term.

In addition, it is necessary to set new challenges and projects for employees, give them more responsibilities and contributions at more roles to attract and retain talents. When HR Professionals highlight the benefits of these challenges in career development, this will be a factor that helps Millennial become more involved with the company.


At the end of the event, attendees had more useful knowledge to apply in daily tasks. The event "SHRM Café" has received the attention and positive response of attendees and will continue to become a place to connect HR professionals in Vietnam.

The International Human Resource Management (IHRM) program is based on the SHRM BoCKTM. It is the SHRM’s world-class program which is exclusively delivered by PACE Institute of Management in Vietnam. IHRM program will continue to be opened on March 14, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City and March 21, 2019 in Hanoi. Please see more details about the program and register here.

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