People often talk about Talent Management, which is the scope of HR processes to attract, develop, motivate and retain good – performing employees.

As you know, Talent Management is one of the most current popular topics, which can answer these questions: How can we give candidates the best experience? How can we attract the best people? And what do we need to do to win the war on talent?

In order to accompany HR in this story, PACE Institute of Management and SHRM VietNam organized this periodic SHRM Café event with the topic “Talent Management” on this November 6th, 2019. There was the presence of Mr Dinh Viet Lan who is Solution Specialist of PACE Institute of Management in Ha Noi, an official lecturer of the SHRM Certification Training Program in Viet Nam and HR communities from many incorporations and enterprises around the country.

At the beginning, Mr Lan introduced SHRM Café for its purpose of connecting people. After that, they made some questions about “Talent Management” and together discussed about them.
These are some questions in the event:
  • What is “Talent Management” in business?
  • What functions of HR can be used for Talent Management?
  • What is the 9 – cell matrix in recognizing talents in companies and which are the good ways to develop good talent?
During the event, speakers and guests shared some below information:
Talent Management is the process which accompanies employees from: Attraction → Recruitment → Development → Training → Retaining.

During the process, Line Managers play an important role because they are those who accompany accompany their employees frequently and evaluate accurately their performance and potential.
Talent Management need to be suitable for the company’s strategy and business at present and in the future.
Some challenges of HR in Talent Management:
·         Create a transparent Performance Management Systems in order to recognize the suitable talents for the organization.
·         HR accompanies and helps Line Manager to train and feedback to employees.
At the end of SHRM’s Café, everyone was happy and thanked PACE  and SHRM VietNam for holding this useful event, this was such a good opportunity for HR communities to connect and learn from each other.

SHRM Café has received the attention and positive responses from HR communities and will continue to develop to become a place of connection and sharing for HR professionals in Vietnam.

With its long history and stature of influence, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has always played a key role in establishing professional standards and shaping the future of global employment profession during a decades. PACE Institute of Management is the exclusively partner of SHRM in Vietnam.

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